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Construction Works (Contract Works), Public & Product Liability Insurance

Builders, Tradies & Subcontractors

New Platinum Insurance: Our Highest Level of Cover.

Designed to help protect your builds and business by construction industry experts.

What is Construction Works (Contract Works), Public & Product Liability Insurance?

Construction Works, also known as Contract Works Insurance, covers licensed builders’, tradies’ or subcontractors’ responsibilities to insure against loss or damage to the build project, along with legal and contractual obligations in relation to the construction.

This cover is available for both residential and commercial builders and can be tailored to suit the projects that are undertaken.

By choosing our Platinum Construction Works, Public & Product Liability Cover, you help minimise the risk of being out of pocket if a covered event occurs.

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Events insured

The two areas of cover within this policy explained. Subject to the full terms, conditions and limits of the policy, cover is for:

Material Damage

Broad protection for the insured works in respect of accidental damage covered events including fire, theft, water damage, Flood, malicious damage, storm and cyclone, landslip and earthquake.

Public and Product Liability 

Covers you for your legal liabilities in relation to the construction works during the job and after its completion.

We understand that every build and business is different which is why we are giving you the option to choose the optimal limit of liability for you: 

- $5M
- $10M
- $20M

Platinum Construction Works is available as either a Single Project Policy or Annual Turnover Policy.

Top New Cover Features and Benefits 

Existing Structures
Cover that extends to protect existing dwellings when you are renovating or building and adding, subject to the sub-limits and the terms & conditions.

Display Homes
Cover that extends to protect existing dwellings when you are renovating or building and adding, subject to the sub-limits and the terms and conditions.

Legal Liability Claims
Cover for legal fees, settlements and court costs arising from defending a claim for third party personal injury or property damage, up to the limit of your liability cover.

Search & Locate Cause of Damage/Defects
Cover for costs spent to identify the cause of a defect or damage, such as discovering why a drain is blocked or identifying what’s causing water damage to internal walls, up to a limit of $50,000.


Other Key Cover Features

Access to Remove and Restore
Cover for costs to de-water, demolish or remove undamaged building works and gain access to allow repair, up to a limit of $25,000.

Mitigation Costs
Cover for costs expended to prevent imminent damage or mitigate the extent of further damage, up to a limit of 5% of the contract value.

Subcontractor Negligence
This area of cover includes protection in circumstances where, due to a subcontractor’s actions on site, you are considered liable up to the liability cover limit.

Materials in Storage
Cover for damage to materials to be used in the contract works that are in storage off-site but within the area specified in the contract, whilst awaiting transit to the build site.

Materials in Transit
Cover for damage to materials to be used in the contract works whilst in transit arising from fire, storm, flood, collision and/or overturning of the transportation, or by theft or malicious damage.

Professional Fees
Cover for the costs of re-engaging architects, engineers, surveyors and consultants, up to 10% of the contract value.

Automatic Contract Value Increase/Escalation
Where, during the construction period there is an increase in value of an insured contract, the contract value under the coverage will increase automatically, up to a maximum of 15% of the contract value as specified in the schedule.

Removal of Debris
Cover for the demolition and disposal of contract works, including the removal of debris and silt, regaining access to the site and restoring work conditions, up to 10% of the contract value.

Cover for Business Premises
Protection in the event of an accident occurring at your business premises such as your office or workshop.

Tools of Trade
On-site cover for tools used to produce the contract of works, up to a limit of $20,000.

Maintenance Period
Automatic cover for up to 12 months.


Optional Extras

For those builds that require additional or specific cover, the following cover is available for an extra premium.

Early Partial Occupation
Where the contract allows for partial occupation during staged works, the completed part of the works will remain insured against damage until practical completion.

Mobile Plant and Equipment Cover
On-site cover for major plant items that are either owned or hired such as cranes, hoists and excavators.

Australia-wide Cover for Tools
National cover for tools and small plant items that are either owned or hired, such as bobcats, laptops and forklifts. This cover extends beyond the project site, the storage location specified in the contract and when in transit to the contract works.


What's the difference between the types of Construction Works policies?
Single Project Policy: Covers you for the 1 insured job site and does not include product liability.
Annual Turnover Policy: Covers you for all your projects over a 12 month period. Product liability is included in this cover and ensures continuity of cover on past completed projects. This policy also ensures you don't forget to insure a project, leaving your business open to risk. 

What is protected?
Single Project Policy: the specific job-site you have elected to insure.

Annual Turnover Policy: 
- Insurance for sums which you may become legally liable to pay as compensation in respect of bodily injury, property damage or advertising injury, arising from an event in connection with your business.
- Cover past completion of the contracted works for damage or injury that occurred during the build.

When are you protected from?
Single Project policy: from the date your business activity begins for the one specific jobsite that has been insured. 

Annual Turnover Policy: during your operations across the multiple sites and locations where your work is conducted. For Example: Quoting for a job, operating a display home or office, or working on multiple construction sites over the policy period.

Why HIA Insurance Services?

We only service the construction industry. We understand businesses like yours.

Combined Strength

HIA Insurance Services (HIAIS) was formed in 1984 and is the joint venture between the Housing Industry Australia (HIA) and Aon. The joint venture provides HIAIS with the unique opportunity to leverage the buying power, insurance, governance and risk capability of Aon; while accessing HIA’s deep knowledge of the housing industry.

Designed for Your Project & Business

34 years of industry experience and specialised risk expertise has allowed HIAIS to design products that provide the construction industry with specific and broad form cover.

By Your Side

Working in unison with both the HIA and Aon, HIAIS brings the highest level of expertise and resources to clients. With access to leading experts within HIA’s legal and technical teams, HIAIS has a distinct edge in managing complex claims, and works to help pursue a fast and positive settlement for you.

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