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We can tailor a comprehensive insurance package for all of your insurance requirements. Talk to one of our experts to get you the insurance advice you need.

Are you covered for the essentials?

Insurance Type Risk Protected
Home warranty insurance Home owners are insured for losses resulting from  the death, disappearance or insolvency of their builder
Sub-contractors liability Damage or injury to third parties or their property
General property & tools of trade Loss or damage to equipment, property and tools
Motor vehicle Loss or damage to vehicle or third party property
Workers compensation Workplace injury to employees

Or do you need cover for other risks ...?

Insurance Type Risk Protected
Fire & perils or industrial special risks Loss or damage to business properties such as workshops, warehouses or factories.     
Income protection Provides cover against loss of income from a range of occurrences.




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HIA Insurance services specialises in insurance for the building & construction industry.

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