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A guide to setting up your business Facebook page

Should I have a business Facebook page?

As of July 2017, there were 17,000,000 Facebook users in Australia and this number is continuing to grow. Facebook allows you to get your message out, engage with people who may want your services and provide helpful information like contact information and testimonials from previous customers. It can be a valuable tool for acquiring new customers and is free to set up. There are a range of paid advertising options to suit all budgets if you decide to invest in social media promotion.

How to set up your business Facebook page

Step 1: Create a Page
Although you need an existing Facebook profile to set up and access your business page, no one will be able to see your personal profile. Once in your account, you will see the blue navigation bar along the top of the screen with your name and a few icons. If you click on the downwards-facing triangle you will see the option to “create a page” or you can click here. You will then be taken through the set up process, which includes selecting the type of page you’re creating as well as your industry.

Step 2: Create your Page’s Profile
Once your page has been created you will be brought to your business profile which will have placeholders for features like your photo and business description. Facebook shows you where to click to add all your information. You will want a high res image of your logo as your profile picture (the smaller photo) and an engaging cover photo (the larger photo).

Next you will begin to fill in the text area. Be sure to highlight your experience and any awards you may have won or anything that makes you stand out like eco-friendly materials used, friendly and professional service or your strict adherence to timelines and budgets. You can personalise your profile to include reviews, business hours and additional call to action buttons like “book service” or “get in touch”.

Finally you should review the settings. Facebook allows you to decide a number of things about your Business Page. You can control actions like who can post to your page, whether or not you want to review posts before they are published by others and whether or not people can message you.

Step 3: Post Content and Maintain your Profile
Engage your fan base by posting photos and short stories that are relevant to your business. Try formats such as before and after photos, time-lapse videos and finished project photos. You will also want to ensure that all your information is up to date. If you have your working hours posted or allow people to book appointments, you need to update this if you go on holiday. You can even disable messages while you are away or you can create an auto response. Unfortunately your posts won’t reach everyone that has liked your page. This is where you can start to test Facebook adverts and promoted posts.

Step 5: Test, Review and Learn
Facebook is a community of people that like to browse and share content. How you catch their attention is up to you. By trying new things, you can see what works and learn how to best manage your business page on Facebook.

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