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Icare hbcf has announced important changes to Home Warranty insurance

New Home Warranty Claims Manager

Gallagher Bassett Services (GBS) are the new Home Warranty claims manager. Since 4 October 2017, GBS have managed all new claims and notifications.

New Eligibility Risk Manager appointed

From 7 December a new eligibility risk manager - Corporate Scorecard (Equifax Australasia Credit Ratings Pty Ltd) has been appointed.

HIAIS warmly welcomes the Corporate Scorecard team to the NSW Home Warranty industry.

Whilst this is a significant change to the NSW Home Warranty distribution chain, HIAIS will immediately work towards establishing a strong working relationship with the new Risk Manager, Corporate Scorecard, as previously held with Insurance Agent’s QBE and RBUA (Calliden).

HIAIS would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank QBE and RBUA for their support and commitment to the industry throughout our many years of partnership. We look forward to continue working with QBE in WA, SA and ACT.

Transitional Eligibility Risk Arrangements

To ensure a smooth transition icare hbcf are introducing the following initiatives:

  • QBE and RBUA will continue to provide services until mid-February 2018, to allow Corporate Scorecard to establish their services.
  • Small Builders: Many builder eligibility profiles are being indexed for an inflation factor since their last review, for small builders who have not undertaken a review; this will result in two and a half years of indexing since the open job limits were introduced in August 2015. Major builders have been excluded from this exercise.
  • The eligibility review scheduling has ceased until April 2018, except for those builders with quarterly or half yearly intensive reviews which fall due at the end of February 2018, these will be undertaken by Corporate Scorecard.
  • Revised eligibility limits and review schedules will be available in due course and we will advise accordingly.

Eligibility Manual

  • Icare have announced the introduction of a new Underwriting Manual v7 effective immediately and have therefore removed all fact sheets previously available on their website, choosing to rely on the new Underwriting Manual only.
  • The manual is a comprehensive document which is intended to assist in achieving a smooth eligibility process. Click here to download a copy.

If you would like to learn more about the Home Warranty changes contact HIAIS on 1800 633 467 or visit www.hiainsurance.com.au


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