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It’s Tradies National Health Month

Throughout the month of August, the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) is working to raise awareness of the importance of health for all those in the trades industry. The initiative, which was launched in 2014, includes a series of engaging campaigns such as healthy selfie competitions and events to increase the knowledge of communities with a connection to the industry.

According to research from Safe Work Australia, labourers had the highest injury incidence rate of all professions in 2012-2013. The awareness campaign aims to highlight the prevalence of risk in the industry and offer guidance and support on preventative measures for both employees and employers.

Workplace Safety for Employees

Whether it’s physical or mental fitness, there are a number of tips you can follow to ensure you’re at your peak. Online resources offer a wealth of information and practical guidance to help you maintain a good level of physical and mental health.

The dedicated Tradies Health website offers a range of support on a variety of ailments from knee injury to depression and anxiety. One of the key themes throughout all advice and guidance is to look out for your peers. If you notice a colleague struggling, have a chat with them and point them in the direction of the website for more information.

Workplace Safety for Employers

Your business can only be as successful as your workforce, so it’s worth following some simple yet effective best practices for minimising risk of illness or injury among your employees. There are a number of detailed resources you can refer to online such as the SafeWork government website. Here are several general processes you can have in place to promote a safe working environment:

  • Ensure clear documentation is circulated to all employees on a regular basis detailing any legislative updates, information on PPE and company specific health and safety procedures
  • Operate an open door policy. Encourage employees to come to you with any concerns they may have
  • Mitigate risk through adequate insurance that covers you in the event of any worker’s injury caused onsite. This is a legal requirement for employers in Australia and HIA Insurance can help source this cover for you in a number of states

The work being done by the APA and its supporting partners is certainly helping to raise the profile of preventative health and safety in the workplace. Whether you’re a sole trader, employee of a wider business or an employer responsible for the wellbeing of your team, this project is worth looking into. There are actionable tips to help with a reduction in illness and injury as well as case studies and stories from tradesmen themselves discussing what workplace fitness means to them.

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