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Your guide to employing an apprentice

How do I hire an apprentice?

HIA Apprentice was formed 30 years ago to simplify the hiring process and transition for new apprentices and employers. The association offers a variety of benefits and support services to ensure the adjustment period is as smooth as possible. HIA Apprentice offers assistance to both the employer and the apprentice, to make settling in comfortable.

HIA Apprentice currently offers apprenticeships in bricklaying, cabinetmaking, carpentry, tiling, painting and decorating, and solid plastering and ceiling fixing.

Small high-end contractor David Edkin, comments on his apprentice Adam Cocks (winner of 2015 HIA National Apprentice of the Year), - “It’s really nice that Adam was noticed… Adam’s the second apprentice I’ve used through the HIA program, and the other apprentice is still with me after 12 years”.

Why should I hire an apprentice?

Concerns facing the construction industry
Skilled labour shortage is a paramount concern for those working in the Australian construction industry. The ability for construction projects to operate effectively and efficiently relies on those essential skilled workers to support the industry.    
Research from the National Centre for Vocational Education has reported a 10.2% decrease in apprentices and trainees in-training from March 31st 2015 compared to 2016.

Benefits for employers
An apprentice, as well as being an extra pair of hands, is an investment in the future of your workplace and industry. Growing into your business, your apprentice’s skills can be tailored to your businesses specific requirements; and once certified, a stronger sense of loyalty can develop. Apprentices are eager to learn and, as they will be undergoing the latest training curriculum, they can offer new insights into emerging techniques and technologies in the industry. Apprentices can also be a more affordable form of labour, as their estimated wages are lower than that of a fully qualified worker. Employers of apprentices are also eligible for support and financial incentives from the government. Wage subsidies are available for those apprentices who may be mature age or are indigenous Australians. For further details on potential employer financial incentives click here.

What else should I be aware of?

Regulations, laws, and tax obligations can cause the potential for a paperwork error, which could lead the employer to be accountable. As the employer you are responsible for staying up to date with legislation around minimum wage changes, superannuation and tax, and providing your apprentice with their work registration. With the HIA Apprentice scheme, paperwork, training and development, WHS support and recruitment are taken care of, allowing employers to focus on their projects.

For more information, visit HIA's guide to hiring an apprentice.

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