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iCare HBCF premium changes effective 1 August 2019 & FAQ's

Since April 2017, iCare HBCF have undergone several changes as part of the government announced reforms in November 2016. This includes increases in premiums to support the NSW Government's desire to ensure the fund becomes financially sustainable.

What’s New?

Premium rates are changing across Alterations, Renovations and Duplex (incl. Dual Occupancy & Triplex) and Multi Dwelling projects from 1 August 2019.

Click here to view the iCare FAQ guide for more information.

How much are premium’s changing by?

The changes vary depending on construction type. HIAIS will shortly forward clients their specific premium rating chart in an upcoming communication.

Why have the premium rates for new duplexes, dual occupancies etc. being aligned with new single dwellings?

iCare HBCF explains that premiums have been aligned based on builder feedback regarding the risks associated with duplexes compared with new single dwellings.

We’re here to help

Click here to view the iCare FAQ guide for more information.

If you have any further questions regarding the premium changes effective of 1 August 2019 please get in touch with your broker, email au.hiais@aon.com, or call 1800 762 872.

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