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Display and Model Home Insurance

Display home insurance provides comprehensive cover for the building and contents of your Display home/s, whether they are individual properties or reside within a Display village.

Events you are covered for:

  • Damage - physical loss, destruction or damage.
  • Flood - water that has escaped or been released from the normal confines of: a lake, river, creek, reservoir, canal or dam.

What your Display home is covered for*:

  • $10 million Public Liability, there is also optional $20 million Public Liability limit if required
  • All domestic buildings and their fixtures; fixed floor coverings; underground services; all structural improvements including: in-ground swimming pools, spas and saunas, terraces, paths, driveways, retaining walls, gates, fences, masts, aerials, clothes lines and tennis courts.
  • Damage to the building; we will repair, replace or pay the reasonable cost to repair or replace the building to its replacement cost.
  • The policy will also cover architects fees and surveyors fees, consulting engineer’s fees and legal fees necessarily incurred in the repair or replacement of the damage to the building.
  • The demolition, removal of debris and disposal costs necessarily incurred to remove the insured property in order to repair or replace the damage caused to the building.
  • If the key to an external door lock in the building is stolen, the costs incurred in replacing the lock up to $500.

*To the extent the sum insured is not exhausted.


What your Display home contents are covered for:

We will cover you if there is damage to the contents in the events specified while contents are contained in the building, including:

  • Carpets, unfixed floor coverings, internal and curtains;
  • Prefabricated above-ground swimming pools;
  • Fine art, painting, works of art, antiques or curios up to $250 per article and $1000 for all articles.
  • Property used in connection with a profession carried on in an office in the building.

Additional information

  • Leaseback display homes can also be insured in the names of both parties.
  • Premiums are based on the level of security, and it is recommended that alarm systems be installed, especially where home theatres are part of your display home.
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