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General Property and Tools of Trade Insurance for Builders & Tradesmen

Tools of trade insurance provides cover for your tools and equipment

What you’re covered for:

The policy provides cover against loss, destruction or damage to general property and tools of trade, caused by any of the following events;

  • Accidental damage - sudden and unforeseen loss of or damage to property not directly or indirectly caused by or arising out of:
    • Fire, theft, malicious damage, and perils
    • Water from or action by the sea, tsunami, tidal wave, high water and flood
    • Mechanical, hydraulic, electrical or electronic breakdown, failure, malfunction or derangement of any machine or electrical or electronic device
    • Moths, termites or other insects, vermin, rust or oxidation, mildew, mould, contamination or pollution, wet or dry rot, corrosion
    • Wear and tear
  • Burglary - theft or attempted theft
  • Fire and lightening
  • Flood - water escape of liquid or been released from a lake, river creek, reservoir, canal or dam.
  • Malicious damage - damage to property caused by malicious persons.
  • Perils - Physical loss or destruction or damage to property caused by:
    earthquake, storm or impact by: vehicles designed primarily for use on land or animals.


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