Insurance created for Builders and Tradies.

The insurance products HIA Insurance Services can arrange have been created by industry experts, for builders, tradies and other construction professionals. By combining the power of Aon and the HIA, we're able to identify the risks commonly faced by your industry and provide specialised insurance solutions to cover these risks. 

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Identifying the appropriate insurance for your business is important, but identifying what insurance isn't appropriate is just as important. Our specialist brokers are here to help you understand your insurance needs so you can feel more confident about your business's financial security. 

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Industry Insights and Education
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The Ultimate Guide to Construction Insurance

Breaking down the basics of insurance for the construction industry. Learn about the types of insurance to consider and why you might need them.

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How this builder went out of business from one customer

Learn about a builder who was forced to shut down their business due to a legal claim being brought against them and how they could have managed this risk.

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