What is Tradies Insurance?

Tradies Insurance (also known as Trades Pack Insurance) helps protects carpenters, electricians, plumbers, bricklayers and other trades professionals when things go wrong on a worksite – and after the work has been completed. It incorporates Public & Product Liability, which can provide cover if tradies are found to be legally responsible for personal injury to a third party or damage to their property.

Key Highlights

Tradies Insurance can provide cover for risks associated with being found liable for injury or damage to property during a construction project (Public Liability). It can also cover incidents which occur after the work has been completed (Product Liability) and can extend to provide optional cover for portable items that tradies carry with them, such as tools, mobile phones and other equipment (Tools of trade cover).1

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  • Provides cover for both business owners and their employees1.

Why might I need Tradies Insurance?

Tradies face a number of risks that they need to protect themselves against. Causing serious injury or death to someone as a result of their work practices, or damaging someone’s property, can lead to expensive claim costs and damage to a business’s reputation. It can even force that business to cease trading.

Why is Public & Product Liability Insurance important?

It’s important that your business considers Public & Product Liability insurance to help protect you against these risks. The majority of businesses understand this need and require their subcontractors to take out this cover before they begin work on a site.

Including optional General Property cover in your Tradies Insurance can also help avoid the expense of replacing lost, damaged or stolen tools and other essential portable equipment.

How much Public Liability Insurance do I need to consider?

Every business has different requirements when it comes to how much Public Liability Insurance cover it needs. HIA Insurance Services offers the following levels of Public Liability cover:

  • $5 million
  • $10 million
  • $20 million

The amount of optional tool cover required can also be specified up to an amount of $30,000.

What is covered? 

Tradies Insurance is tailored to the needs commonly faced by tradie workers and helps provides cover for them while on the job and after work has been completed. Among the inclusions are1:

  • Australia-wide cover, 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • protection against claims for accidental damage or injury caused to an individual or their property as a result of your work.
  • cover for up to seven onsite workers
  • optional cover for tools transported with you and kept offsite (in a locked secure area).
  • a simple process for amending policy details.


Why HIA Insurance Services?

HIA Insurance Services (HIAIS) combines the construction industry expertise of the Housing Industry Association (HIA) with the risk and insurance knowledge of Aon to provide specialist products and advice to the residential construction industry.
We understand the unique risk exposures of carpenters, concreters, bricklayers, painters and other trades. As one of the largest and most experienced insurance providers in the country, HIAIS is ideally placed to offer Tradies Insurance policies tailored for risks commonly found in the construction sector, as well as efficient insurance claims processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can, monthly payments can be arranged through a premium funding agreement with Hunter Premium Funding2 to help you spread the costs of your insurance across the year. Please note that the total overall cost is higher if you pay monthly. Contact HIA Insurance Service on 1800 762 878 to find out more information.

Tradies Insurance does cover your employees1, however it does not act as a work cover policy should one of your employees be injured during the course of their work. For information on work cover, you can visit the Workers’ Compensation page of our website.

No, subcontractors need their own policy as they are not direct employees.

Your tools are covered provided that you have taken out optional cover as part of your Tradies Insurance policy1. Optional tools cover can provide cover for theft or any attempted theft following forcible entry.

Yes, but there must be proof of forced entry into the vehicle, such as a broken window, damage to door locks, etc.1

Registered trailers are not covered under the Trades Pack policy and require a separate policy. Contact HIA Insurance Services for a quote.

When purchasing your insurance, you are required to tell your insurer everything they need to know so they can assess your level of risk accurately. You may therefore not be covered for any work you do not disclose to HIA Insurance Services which is not related to your occupation. Please contact HIA Insurance Services if your occupation has changed.

No, Tradies Insurance isn’t sufficient for a builder because it covers one trade only. You will need to consider taking out a Construction Works Insurance, Public & Product Liability policy

1 Subject to the full terms, conditions and limits of the applicable policy wording.

2 Hunter Premium Funding is a third party independent of HIA insurance Services, however HIA Insurance Services will receive a commission if you pay for your policy through a premium finding agreement with them.