Which forms do I need to complete?

Home Warranty Insurance application processes differ from state to state. To assist you in locating the correct form, we have categorised our Home Warranty Insurance forms by state for ACT, NSW, SA, VIC and WA. Simply locate the correct form for your state in the section below and follow the instructions within the form to complete. 

If you are unsure which form you are required to fill out, we recommend speaking to one of our Home Warranty Insurance experts by calling 1800 762 878.

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NSW Calculator

Calculate your NSW Warranty Premium

Warranty Estimate & Fee Disclosure from 1 October 2022

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Minimum Premium Payable is $200 + Application Fee
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The following calculator provides an estimated calculation of the fees and charges associated with your application for Home Warranty cover, in addition to premium, subject to any specified qualifications. We will confirm these fees and charges with you at time of application or at any time, on request.

By using this calculator, you accept the factors and multipliers that make up the premium and fee estimates are subject to change at any time, which may result in a different premium when you choose to take a cover. Please contact us on 1800 762 878 if you require any further information.

Not sure which form you need to complete? Speak with one of our expert team members. 

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