What is Office Workshop Insurance?

Office & Workshop insurance, also known as Business Insurance, or Business Package Insurance, is relevant for builders, tradies and subcontractors who have office facilities and/or workshops. It covers your office premises against events such as fire, theft, storm, malicious damage, as well as Public Liability.

Optional cover is available for business interruption, to help cover your lost income while your office is being repaired due to an insured event.

Key Highlights

Business Insurance covers1 your office and/or workshop against a number of events. It consists of several different sections of cover to select from depending on your needs.

  • Comprehensive Insurance covers you for vehicle loss or damage
  • Add or remove sections of cover depending on your needs
  • Claim support when you need it
  • Access to a dedicated broker to support you every step on the way

Why might I need Office & Workshop Insurance?

Cover for your office

Your main work might occur on the construction site, but your office is still an equally important part of your business to help secure new clients, plan projects and carry out all your business administration. If your office was damaged by a storm or fire or theft, keeping your business running could become a challenge. Taking out cover for your office with Business Package Insurance can therefore help ensure you’re able to get back on your feet quickly if your office is damaged as a result of certain events. 

Meeting clients in person 

Even before you start work onsite, you may meet with potential clients at your office or out in public. Any interaction with clients in person carries a liability exposure of personal injury or property damage, so Public Liability Insurance is also important to consider if you are meeting clients in person, whether that is at your office or at their homes.

What is covered under Office & Workshop Insurance?

Cover for your office & contents 

Business Insurance will cover1 the cost to repair your office premises or contents if they are damaged as a result of an insured event. Under this policy, you can take out cover for:

  • Office building (if you’re the owner of the building)
  • Office furniture and other contents
  • Computer & electronic equipment – portable electronics may also be covered while you take them outside of your office – this is an optional extra available for an extra premium
  • Money kept at your premises (up to a specified amount)
Cover for your Workshop

In addition to your office premises, if you have a workshop, it is also an important part of your keeping your business running. Business Package insurance also provides the option to cover your workshop against insured incidents. This includes the option to cover tools you might keep at your workshop, as well as stock you keep on hand such as timber, tiles, door furniture and other materials.

Business Interruption

This is an important cover available under this policy, and helps cover lost revenue you incur as a result of an insured event. For example, if your premises are damaged by fire, and as a result of the damage, you’re unable to operate while your office is being repaired, then this feature can help cover the revenue you lose during this period.

Public Liability

Public Liability Insurance is also available under Business Package Insurance. This is designed to cover you in the event a client or any member of the public holds you responsible for a physical injury they suffer, or if their property is damaged due to your negligence. For example, if a potential client visited your premises and slipped over a brochure laying on the floor, and sustained a serious injury, they may take legal action against you. PL in this instance would step in and cover the legal fees associated with defending yourself as well as compensation you may be required to pay to the third party.

The events covered

Once you’ve decided which of your assets you need to take out cover for, you will then need to determine which events you’d like to be covered for under the policy. The coverage sections to choose from are:

  • Cover for your Building & Contents – Business Package Insurance can cover damage caused by storm, fire, malicious damage and accidental damage. Examples include fire starting at neighbouring business premises, vandalism and Damage caused unintentionally by you or your employees, such as damaging the wall when moving furniture.
  • Broken Glass – You may choose to have your Business Insurance cover the glass at your office or workshop. This is covered regardless of whether it is accidental or maliciously damaged by a third party.
  • Theft  – This includes theft from your office and may also cover resultant damage to the building, temporary protection costs and replacement of locks and keys.
  • Computer and Electronic Equipment Breakdown – Covers computer systems, air  conditioning and/ or electronic equipment at your office against sudden and unforeseen failure.
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Why HIA Insurance Services?

HIA Insurance Services (HIAIS) is a joint venture between the Housing Industry Association and Aon. The partnership means HIAIS can combine the construction industry expertise of the Housing Industry Association with the risk and insurance knowledge of Aon to provide products and advice that are specific to the residential construction industry.
We understand the unique risk exposures of Australian builders, tradies and subcontractors, which means we can offer you policies that are tailored for risks commonly found in the construction sector, as well as fast and efficient claims processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

A monthly payment option is available for this policy through premium funding2, however this will need to be arranged with one of our staff over the phone, and cannot be arranged online. Please keep in mind paying using premium funding means your overall premium is higher than if you were to pay annually.

You will find details of how to make a claim in the policy documents you receive from us. However, we also appreciate that having to make a claim can be a stressful time which is why as your broker we are always on hand to help with any questions. Please do not hesitate to call us on 1800 762 872 during business hours.

If you take out an Annual Turnover Construction Works Policy, then this cover generally includes PL cover for the duration of the year, so there is no need to take out PL separately under this policy. However, if you take out a single project Construction Works Policy, the Public Liability portion of this only becomes effective when you start a project, so it is worth considering Public Liability Insurance under your Business Insurance to ensure you’re not left with any gap in your cover.

Similar to Public Liability, if you’ve already insured your tools under your Construction Works policy, then you do not need to insure them again under your Business package insurance. However, remember, this only applies if you’ve taken out an annual Contract Works policy. If you generally only take out cover for each project, then you may wish to consider insuring your tools under your Business insurance to ensure they’re covered throughout the year.

Tools can be covered Australia-wide under a Business Insurance policy, but will not be covered for theft from your ute if your vehicle is left unlocked and unattended unless you have them stored in a locked metal toolbox fastened to the vehicle. Note that this applies even if you are on-site at a building project.

1Subject to the full policy terms, conditions, limits and exclusions
2Hunter Premium Funding is a third party independent of Aon, however Aon will receive a commission if you pay for your policy through a premium funding agreement with them.