Mandatory Vaccination Update - Government FAQs Released

9 December 2021

Today the Government released the Mandatory vaccination - building and construction workers FAQs.

The FAQs provide clarification on the requirements relating to mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations in the building and construction industry.

Members are reminded that in order to continue to be permitted on a building and construction site workers must have had:

  • their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by 31 December 2021;
  • and their second dose by 31 January 2022. This Member Alert clarifies the requirements regarding proof of vaccination and the collection of information for both contractors and employees.

Ensuring your contractors meet the vaccination requirements

HIA has made considerable efforts in lobbying for further clarity for builders in how they can meet the proof of vaccination requirements for their contractors.

In a win for industry, a builder or person in charge of the workplace will not be required to sight or retain a copy of a contractor’s vaccination certificate.

Instead, the FAQs set out that a person in charge of a building site may put in place a majority of the following:

  • Place a sign at the entry point to the workplace stating that, by entering the building and construction site, the building and construction worker is confirming that they are vaccinated or an exemption applies.
  • Include a declaration as a part of a site check-in process that states the building and construction worker has complied with the mandatory vaccination requirements.
  • Include a clause in agreements, work orders or purchase orders, detailing that by agreeing to provide the goods or services the contractor or supplier declares that their employees and contractors who will attend the building and construction site are vaccinated or an exemption applies.
  • Provide a letter to the contractor to ensure that as a contractor they:
    • are aware of the mandatory vaccination requirements
    • have met their obligations to collect and maintain a record of the vaccination status of their direct employees
    • are not to roster on or permit any of their employees onto the building and construction site who are not compliant with the mandatory vaccination requirements; and
    • must ensure that any of their subcontractors are similarly informed of their obligations.

What would be considered reasonable in one set of circumstances would not necessarily be the same as others. For example, a different approach may apply to those that attend a building site on a regular basis as opposed to those that attend sporadically, such as delivery drivers or food vendors.

Ensuring your employees meet the vaccination requirements

Employers will be responsible for collecting and securely storing proof of vaccination or exemption from their employees. The approved forms of proof include:

  • an Australian Government COVID-19 vaccination certificate or an Immunisation Statement recorded on the Australian Immunisation Register or
  • written confirmation issued by the WA Department of Health of the COVID-19 vaccination received by them or
  • an International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate issued by the Commonwealth Government or
  • an exemption issued by the Chief Health Officer.

Proving your are vaccinated

If requested by an emergency officer or nominated officer, a worker must provide evidence of their vaccination status or exemption in the above-listed forms.

This information does not need to be produced immediately, but should be provided as soon as practicable after the request is made.

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